All The Fun Of The Fair

April 30, 2014

Organizing a school fair or some other type of fete can be very time consuming and hard work but it is also great fun.


It is important to spend lots of time planning the events and stalls for many weeks before the date arrives, leaving things to the last minute will only mean frazzled helpers, poor quality stalls and little financial recompense.
Here are a few ideas about the types of stalls and activities which help the visitors to have fun, spend lots of money and the organizers to have a great time too.

Tombola – instead of relying upon your poor suffering parents to provide everything for the tombola why not write to local stores, businesses and manufacturing companies to ask for donations. They will usually send some product in lieu of cash – maybe a voucher for a meal or drink, a voucher for a beauty session or a haircut, a bottle of booze or a box of candy.  You could also go to your local shopping mall and hand out letters to the smaller store owners for donations – it all helps them to promote their stores after all.


Bottle stalls – are always a good earner, especially if everybody gets a prize. Ask the parents to make bottle donations and include wine, beer, soda and water for the lesser prizes.

Cake stalls – are generally a winner too but don’t forget to give the Moms plenty of notice. At some schools they send the children home with paper plates with a poem written on to remind the Mom to send in some cakes – something like “I’m a poor little plate that’s all empty, please bake a cake and put it on me”

Face painting – these stalls are great fun and actually not that difficult to do with a little practice and a good book full of examples. Ask around to see if any of your parents have experience in face painting.

Hook  a duck – is a favorite with the young children. A few plastic ducks floating in a paddling pool is all that’s required – plus a few prizes of course.

Book stalls – are often a good money spinner, particularly children’s books which are grown out of all too quickly. This also gives Moms the opportunity to buy new books for their children as they grow and their reading improves whilst making a little bit of money for the school at the same time.

Second hand stalls – these are sometimes good or sometimes not, it really depends upon the quality of the stuff on them. If you can get good quality goods then you should make a decent amount of dollar on this type of stall.

Fire trucks – okay, this is not a stall but if you can persuade your local fire department to bring a fire truck for the kids to climb on it’ll make a superb attraction. Just so long as they have a clear escape in case of an emergency.

Prize wheel – is a fun way of making money at a school fair. The better the prizes you can offer the more money you will make, it stands to reason.


Craft stalls – the success of this type of stall again depends upon the quality of the goods on offer. If you have good stuff you can make a decent amount of cash, if it’s all rubbish then it could be a waste of time.

At The Display Outlet they have some good ideas about how you can display your school fair attractively and professionally which always helps. The great thing is that many of the products can be used year in year out for many years to come.

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