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Orthopedic Conditions And Sports Medicine

December 5, 2014

From sports and shoulder injuries to hip and groin pain, the Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Center has quickly become the best orthopedic in NYC go-to facility for orthopedic conditions and sports medicine treatment.

Their orthopedist practice proven definitive methods to combat a variety of acute and chronic orthopedic conditions, many of which are the result of repetitive strain and/or sports traumas.

At the heart of their efforts is the DNS method which means Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, a breakthrough scientific approach that has become the preferred pathway for many professional athletes with regard to their injuries and performance enhancement goals.

So what makes them different from other centers that offer the same treatment? Their head doctor, Lev Kalika, boasts a multifaceted education and unwavering passion for innovation that has dynamically catapulted this clinic into a new realm of therapeutic mastery.

They remain proud to be the first outpatient gait and motion analysis lab in the New York City area, and continue to market ourselves as a one-stop, non-invasive sports injury and orthopedic rehabilitation facility.

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3 Things To Consider When Buying An Antique Sculpture

November 13, 2014

Antique sculptures are some of the most intriguing pieces of the antique world. With a long and lengthy history, it seems human civilization has been crafting sculptures for almost as long as it can remember, with homages to religion, historical events and noteworthy figures just some of the themes and topics such a craft chooses to represent. Specialising in buying antique sculptures then, is an incredibly interesting world to be in, and one, no doubt, full of opportunity.

But as for the process, well, there are a few things you’ll want to consider when hitting the market for buying and selling. Here are just a few helpful suggestions.

Choosing a Sculpture

Due to the sheer diversity of the antique world you’ll first want to consider exactly what type of antique sculpture you’re after. Marble statues are popular and perhaps more classical than wood or stone but does that make for a good fit according to your goals? Choosing a sculpture should be a careful process. Depending on the purpose of the piece, whether it’s standing decoration, a collectors item or even a practical memorial, all these things should be looked at before putting down any money. Look online to see how much similar pieces go for.

On the investors side of things this might mean doing a little research into the artist or period behind the piece, or, on the sellers, shopping around to see what other, similarly matched statues, go for in terms of cost.

Condition of Sculpture

Due to the varying materials sculptures can be made from, condition is an increasingly important factor when it comes to evaluating the utility and price of an item. If you decide to go for marble statues bear in mind that they are often more liable to damage than other pieces due to the increased chance of picking up scratches or dust. Wood, on the other hand, is much more durable but should also be analysed to ensure there is no damage from damp, woodworm or other factors.

The conditions of antique sculptures can also vary widely depending on the period of their construction. Early Renaissance pieces are likely to be more worn and torn than newer, post-Victorian pieces, but that’s not to say the cost will reflect that.

Style of Sculpture

Antique sculptures reflect varying styles in the history of art. From nudes, to religious iconography and even to war memorials, each as its own place amid the annals of time and should be looked at seriously in terms of whether it might fit its current context or not.

Nudes, although they have high artistic integrity, might not sit well in a more modern, contemporary setting and likewise sculptures that depict specific icons in history outside of the period or context. The style of the sculpture therefore, should be carefully assessed when considering why to buy and where (or if) to sell it.

Buying antique sculptures is always going to be an interesting pursuit into the world of antique dealing. Standing out as some of the most striking and intriguing of all antiques, sculptures add flair and style to a myriad of spaces.


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Frozen’s Olaf Made Of Balloons

November 12, 2014

This set of balloons that make up the character Olaf of the movie Frozen was used for a birthday party.

The balloon was assembled personally by hand by Emannuel Maquiling. Contact information is located on the right sidebar of this page if you wish to place orders.

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