The following is a sponsored review.

Well, I will tell you where. At We Are Knitters. This online marketplace has some outstanding quality of 100% pima cotton yarn balls made from Peru, which is known to be the best cotton in the world.

Why? It is super soft and has an extraordinary quality to knit during summer. It will result in a light, characteristic and unmistakable knitwear.

So what makes a pima cotton yarn ball useful for? Considering that the yarn balls at We Are Knitters are bigger than the common ones to begin with, you can knit a lot of things.

For example two beanies, a snood that is 15 to 20cm in height, ties, little bags and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

You can get these in the online marketplace of We Are Knitters at affordable prices. If you have second thoughts about the price, then check them out and compare them to what you can find in retail stores. Quite a difference, right?

Choose from a variety of colors from these yarn balls. I think more or less there are almost 10 of them so that should be more than enough options for you to get creative.

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