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Experiences With Gratitude & Conscious Living E-Book

April 10, 2013

Life is short. And too valuable. Every second counts. Time is gold. So true, right? Nevertheless, having gratitude and living with conscious awareness will open up wonderful possibilities that will manifest life changing results and make the most of your life.

This e-book about conscious living can help get you started and puts you in the perspective of the author on how the author faces life changing results.

The e-book is available in the Amazon store for its Kindle e-reader tablet devices. Cheaper compared to prices of real books, there are so many insights and real life experiences that can give the reader insights and ideas on how the reader may apply it to his or her life.

But the stories in this e-book are not limited to yourself. These can also be applied to how you can affect others and the world. The possibilities are endless. Of course, it all starts with you. But with little ideas from this e-book, it can definitely help get you started.

Check it out!

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  1. Peggy Wiggins - May 2, 2013 10:11 pm

    Unleash the potent force of kaizen, the Japanese technique of achieving great and lasting success through small, steady steps. Whether the goal is as specific as getting more sleep or as broad as meeting the love of your life, kaizen works because it melts away resistance—in particular, the “fight-or-flight” brain chemistry behind people’s underlying fear of change. An expert on the art of success, Dr. Robert Maurer has helped countless people and businesses use kaizen to reach their objectives and maintain excellence. Distilling its secrets, Dr. Maurer shows not only how and why kaizen works, but how to make it work for you—how to position yourself for change and make your life more effective, whether at home or in the office; how to address personal changes and career changes; how to realize ambitions by sidestepping any impediments. As one client succinctly put it, “the steps [are] so small I couldn’t fail.” And as far as being too busy to solve a problem, learn a new skill, overcome a fear, or curb a bad habit, forget it—who doesn’t have the 30 seconds it takes to get started?The road to a life of continuous improvement begins with a single step.


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