Casting Fine Sculptures Since The 1970s

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A very impressive catalog of bronze statues and sculptures can be found at Art Bronze’s online marketplace. They have been offering fine bronze statues and stainless steel sculpture since the early 1970s and I have to say if you plan to get one, look no further.

Each of these artworks has been crafted to the highest standards in the hands of the experienced artisans working in their own California art foundry.

Their products span works of different images like casting western statues and cowboy and Indian sculpture by Frederic Remington, Charles Russell, James Earle Fraser, Cyrus Dallin and John Rogers, bronze art by Jules Moigniez like his famous bronze eagle, bronze owl and bronze falcon statues.

Art Bronze even casts bronze sculptures of famous people from history including Shakespeare, Lord Byron, Dante, Balzac, Ludwig van Beethoven and Napoleon Bonaparte to name a few.

Buyers can easily purchase the one they want easily because all sculptures are provided with visual photos and detailed information so you will have an idea how they look like. That beats having to go to stores that sell them and be limited to what is available.

The online marketplace of Art Bronze provides buyers a convenient place to look for the bronze sculpture anytime, anywhere.

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For orders, contact 416-2819 and look for Eman Maquiling. Orders for Cebu, Philippines only.

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