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The Four Different Types Of Fusion Beads

June 18, 2012

Fusion beads can help you create decadent pieces of jewelry. They are made from fine products and stone. Every fusion bead is crafted to perfection and used to create alluring necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other things. There are four different types of fusion beads.

1. Crystal fusion beads – These beads are designed by combining grass and other minerals together. They naturally sparkle giving them a somewhat flashy appearance. The sparkling effect of the beads can be admonished whenever light hits them. They are available in many different sizes, shapes, and colors.

2. Semi-precious fusion beads – These beads are made from natural materials that are taken from the earth. Since the beads are naturally pulled from the earth, their colors tend to be more genuine and they look extremely elegant when added into a piece of jewelry or some other type of beaded design.

3. Precious stones are also stones that are taken from Mother Nature to create different types of fusion beads. However, these types of stones since they are considered to be rare are normally higher priced. Diamonds, sapphires and rubies would be classified as precious stones.

4. Pearls that are taken from fresh waters are also a type of fusion bead that you can purchase. These pearls grow inside of sea life, like mussels and mollusks. The pearls can be various colors, but they are primarily either white or pale pink. Typically in order to get the pearls in any other color, they have to go through a special dying process.

If you are considering making a handmade piece of jewelry, then fusion beads are going to be the best materials to work with. There are so many different varieties of these beads that locating one that appeals to you should not be any problem at all. Just choose what bead styles you want and start designing.

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