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Requirements That Must Be Met To Qualify For Marriage Visa

April 3, 2012

Before applying for a marriage visa you should present documentation proving that you are legally married to an American citizen. That is the most important document for you to be considered for the visa. If you have been cohabiting but have never had a marriage certificate then you cannot qualify.

An up-to date marriage certificate has to be presented in order for you to be considered. All applicants applying to have their spouses join them must be above 18 years of age and must be in a position to financially support their spouses this is proven by signing an Affidavit. Without a sufficient form of income one is said not to be in a position to sponsor an entry visa.

The American citizen is required to show evidence of that he or she owns a residence within the United States. In case the American citizen lives outside of the US an alternative solution is presented to them. The American citizen should visit embassy in the foreign country and file a petition. This process is not so different from applying from the US since the request passes through the same channels.

If the visa is approved then the foreign national can travel to the United States with the citizen. The time taken for the visa to be approved after applying from a foreign nation is no different from the time taken for approval in your native country. In order to present the necessary documents required most couples return to America soon after their marriage takes place.

If you have had children there you should also apply for a visa which authorizes foreign spouses to enter the United States. These visa application processes must be done carefully or with the help of a professional to avoid the k3 visa application from being rejected.

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