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The Law Of Thirds @ Amazon

February 19, 2012

The mind is a complex place where even strange things can makeup for an effective strategy. Ever wondered why things always happen in threes? Why not Fours? or Fives? Well, it is because your brain thinks that way.

Think in threes and you can power up your strategy, planning and communication skills. By word of mouth, it can be hard to believe. But after reading this good e-book by author Simon John Lee titled the law of thirds, I believe that the power of the mind through the law of thirds can effectively produce results in how you apply it to your business and even to your persona life.

The techniques mentioned in the book actually helped open the door to an array of thinking that is as inspiring as it is entertaining. It can dull you at first read but as you read deeper, I believe you will be drawn into the very effective writing style that the author demonstrates and be impressed by the extraordinary concepts and techniques behind the law of thirds.

While not all techniques may be effective to each and every one of us, most if not all can be a great asset in helping us mold our communication skills and strategic planning.

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