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Clip Your Favorites

February 17, 2012

You probably heard about bookmarks. But they are just links composed of letters. What if you really want to save images? You will still have to open up these links in order to know what the image is. How about having a user interface of all your bookmarked images.

That is what clipix is all about.

Let’s say, these are bookmarked images that are displayed to you so you can easily browse through the images that you have clipped.

Clipix is very simply to use actually and I have tried it myself. First, sign up for an account. Do not worry, it is absolutely free.

Then drag the Javascript button to your bookmarks bar so that whenever you see an interesting image that you want to bookmark, simply click it and place which group you want it to belong to for easy organization (see sample screenshot).


That is all there is to eat. Pretty simply to use right?

They even have a customized clipboard and create as many as you like and rearrange them however you want. Your clips can also be set to private or public so these can only be seen to people specified by you.

I think you should check out this video below so you can see Clipix in action. That way, you can get a visualization idea how this actually works. Check it out!

Seen the video? What do you want to clip? Share your thoughts.

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