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The Wonders Of Remote Access

March 31, 2011

Imagine if there was no such thing as remote access. Support would have to go to your place just to check out your system. This was before. Ever since remote access came to be, it has made life easy for support to fix problems. They can do it without leaving their office space.

This saves the company a lot of valuable time considering the travel time it can take to reach the client’s place and back. Time is gold. This means the company can save valuable resources by opting for remote access rather than support service to clients.

So there are many remote access clients out there which leaves the question, what to choose? How about checking Proxy Pro 7 first? This piece of software helps support to reach PCs anywhere, on the road or at home, even if they are behind firewalls or NAT devices.

All it needs is the proper authorization and technicians can gain access to clients’ PCs anytime, anywhere without disturbing the currently logged-on user. This business oriented service puts the emphasis on functionality and security through fine grained permissions. It even features 256 bit encryption which is the highest in its class.

Reach remote computer users anywhere, anytime with Proxy Pro 7, remote access software.

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