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Remote PC Access

February 14, 2011

Remote access technically refers to workers being able to access data or resources from a remote location. Traditional remote access solutions used dial-up technologies to allow employees to connect to an office network via telephone networks connecting to remote access servers. That was pretty slow but as technologies evolved, high speed internet has proven to boost the effectiveness and use of remote access.

With remote access, users do not have to go to where the physical PC is located in order to use it. They can just connect to it and voila! From there, they can use the accessed server like they are in front of it physically.

Okay, it is a given that there are many remote access softwares available so which one should you choose? How about I recommend you one from Proxy Networks. Its remote access software runs in either Linux, Windows and Mac operating systems.

With core features like a one-click remote access to PCs behind firewalls & NAT-devices, WMI-based remote management without RPC, real time sharing and group and role based access control to name a few plus the fact that it does not eat up too much resources, this software is a good deal.

Transferring files is also a breeze especially since it runs through 256-bit SSL security. No worries about getting your files hacked.

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