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Conserve Energy, Save Money

March 13, 2010

bulbDo you want to save energy consumption in your home? Who doesn’t right? Even I do not want to get such a huge amount for my electric bill. If you tell yourself that you do not know where to start, then look no more. Microsoft has launched a web application that enables consumers to analyze their energy usage and provides Energy saving recommendations.

The site, called Microsoft Hohm is a great guide for people to practice energy consumption to help conserve energy. In turn, people will be able to save on bills and extra costs because they will be guided accordingly. Another unique feature of Microsoft Hohm is its capability to connect those consumers whose energy providers already use smart meter technology with up to date real time information about their own energy consumption at home.

The way this works is that Hohm will ask you questions regarding utilities at home. It will then provide you with an assessment based on the questions asked and the answers you give. If you give more answers, the better the chance that the estimate will be.

This can be a great help to any consumers with regards to home appliances. I would recommend you create an account. The best thing is, it is absolutely free! Microsoft Hohm also provides a lot of home energy saving tips that can greatly aid you and guide you accordingly.

The user interface is not that hard to use although you may need a bit of time to familiarize yourself with the features and the process. Once you get the hang of it, it’s smooth sailing from there. One other feature I like is that the site supports graphical forms like pie charts and others. This, for me is a very good visual aid that people can easily get a glimpse and overview over the assessment that will be given to them.

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