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U-Pack Moving

March 9, 2010

truck_vanLet me ask you something. Which one would you choose to transfer your things to anywhere in the state? Truck rental or U-Pack? While truck rental a common choice for most people, with today’s gas prices, would you prefer to spend loads of cash to transport your things to its intended destination or avail of a moving service that is way cheaper at a comparable price.

The U-Pack package includes all fuel, taxes and the driver as well which is totally different from other truck rentals because you would have to pay extra for those. Sounds good to be true? You should check out their site and use the fuel cost calculator to see how much you would have to pay for transport services.

Everything you may need like extra boxes, they have it all. Efficient and on time delivery schedule plus huge savings! That is what you will get from them. You pack, they drive, you save!

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  1. Truck rentals - March 11, 2010 5:05 am

    Having pros for your move is really a great help…. it can lead to a stress-free move and can let you have the whole trip with your family instead of being very busy with the move and having all the hassles with it…


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