Robert Rey’s Christening Backdrop

This backdrop was used for Robert Rey’s baptismal celebration.. The backdrop is made of styrofoam, to be colored and brushed with house paint.

The backdrop was made personally by hand by Emannuel Maquiling using drawing materials and a cutter to form the backdrop. Contact information is located on the right sidebar of this page if you wish to place orders.

Cameras Give The Painter More Opportunity

Many artists carry a camera specifically to capture an image they come across in their everyday lives so that they can paint it afterwards. Phones with excellent cameras fit neatly into any pocket or handbag. It isn’t cheating to make a photograph part of the process between what the eye sees and that image being painted on to canvas. It provides much more opportunity to get special and sometimes unexpected images to paint.


Personal creativity

There are some tips for people who might like to paint from photographs and the first is to generally stick to your own photographs because you will be painting an image you have actually seen. It means that your eye and experience of the occasion can help you as you paint. In any event you will need permission to paint someone else’s photograph if you have seen it online or published in any form.

If you see something you would like to paint you will be able to take photos from different standpoints unless you are talking about moving objects. Try catching a cheetah in full flight more than once!

Digital Advantages

Digital photography has made things so much easier. You can crop any photograph to the exact image you would like to paint. Unnecessary background can be removed if you have a central image in mind. If you are taking a landscape you can balance the amount of sky in relation to land. Eyes are actually better than cameras at capturing light and it may mean you will want to adjust a photograph in other ways to capture the true image that you saw. When it comes to colour you can buy everything you need from companies such as and mix paints where you have not got the exact shade you require.

Your camera will become part of the creative process so it is important to learn how best to use the facilities it offers. Many allow you to simply switch to automatic and let the camera do all the work but cameras do have limitations, including the one mentioned above.


You need to recognise that every picture can be distorted. A skyscraper does not taper towards the top but that is the impression that is given but few will want to paint such things when there are so many more interesting things in cities. Similarly, a photograph focussed on an object will tend to have a blurred background some distance away. Your eye will not see the background as blurred so you may want to focus on the background in a second shot and combine the two when you are painting.

Rather than being regarded as cheating, cameras have opened up far more opportunity for the artist. Their creativity begins with the photograph or series of photographs. The final painting should reflect what the eye actually saw even if it is not an exact replica of any one photo.

Image courtesy of dan/

A Trio Of Kids Apps From Kids Academy For iOS

A trio of kids apps from Kids Academy for iOS devices has been making rounds in the App Store. I managed to try 3 of them and they are pretty good!

I recommend you play these on a tablet device. Grownups may be alright but we do not want our kids to strain their eyesights, right? It is best to have them play these games on a tablet device.

The large screen size helps a lot in making them enjoy the gaming experience. Here are the following apps and what I think of them.

Learn To Read & Write Kid’ Puzzles


I have to admit, listening to my kids giggling and laughing with huge smiles on their faces goes to show just how much they enjoy playing the games. They may not understand everything shown to them but regardless what puzzle or game they play, the interactivity that happens when they tap on the screen keeps them immersed and the fact that this game is free is a big plus when it comes to providing entertaining games for kids. A must down!
Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Kids Games Free For Toddlers and Preschool Children
Another interesting kids app from Kids Academy that caters to kids on a certain age. 5 and below. If your kids get bored with other kids apps and want more of a challenge, this game is pretty good.
It’s free too! So don’t hesitate to try and download this for your kids. I bet they will enjoy it as much as my kids did. Even though this app is targeted for kids, the app itself is pretty big with so many puzzles and different challenges.
Kids Puzzles preschool math games for girls and boys
Yet another good kids app that is free but this one focuses more on math. I just love how this app engages kids to learn and challenge them to solving simple math problems in the form of games. That, in my opinion is always the best way to pique their interests and keep them interested to learning new things.
A great job well done!
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For orders, contact 416-2819 and look for Eman Maquiling. Orders for Cebu, Philippines only.

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